Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guest blogger Big Rocks; "It's the mind stupid!"

My dad sent me this email today. I asked his permission to post it. He at first said it was too short, but I loved the to the pointness. Most of the time, clarity is in succinct, direct, simple explanations, and not about reiterating an issue to death. I'm all about taking the road less travelled. I found his email motivating. Honestly, how cool is it to receive an email like this from your father?!


I did a 90 minute run today. If I were writing this as Big Rocks I would call it "It's the mind stupid!". Today was a perfect day for running, cool and damp. I ran a route that has two hills I always avoid. My mind usually says "you shouldn't do these hills because it will take too much out of you. Do them on a shorter run". Of course, on a shorter run I never take this route. As I neared the first hill I felt good so I decided to go for it and powered up, over and down. I felt great. When I got to the second hill I thought screw it, I'm going for it. After that hill I honestly felt I could have done both of them again.

On my way back I realized that my biggest limiter is my Mind. Now I have always known this but I guess I need runs like this to remind me of my potential and not my limitations. I hope you have a similar experience today.