Monday, May 08, 2017

I have worked with people closely now for over 20 years. I've witnessed some of these people accomplish really amazing things. Many attribute "talent" to the ...reason others have achieved great success in certain areas. I can honestly say that their success is based less on talent, and more on their thought process and work ethic. 

 Let's look at triathlon; I've had many qualify for the king of the sport, the Hawaii Ironman. All that have qualified shared similar habits. They followed a plan of action and rarely deviated from it. They worked harder than most, and when I say worked "harder", I mean they rarely missed training sessions, developing consistency in their weekly plan, and focused on the purpose of each session. In fact, many of these athletes lacked what you'd refer to as "talent". Their form was less than desirable and they started from a lower place than most would assume. The other trait they all share is their lack of "making excuses". Missing a session wasn't an option. they don't overanalyze bad sessions but rather look into what may have caused the bad session and adjust and focus on the next session. And they let go of their ego's, sticking to the focus of their long term plan in each session. Finally, they really work on their weaknesses. The only way to fix a weakness is to put copious amounts of productive time into developing what is holding you back. Many spend a great deal of time working hard, but often it's on the things they like to do and are good at. Let me ask you; How's that working out for your weak areas? 

 The same could be said for the "average joe's" I've worked with who have transformed their health, losing weight, and getting themselves in shape. The successful one's didn't have a hidden or dormant "skinny gene". They quit justifying or rationalizing bad behavior and developed consistency.

The point of this brief note is that lack of accomplishment/success is much less about lack of talent than most give credence to, and more about belief and work ethic. Make this week count.