Saturday, December 24, 2011

December 24th Challenge

December 24th Challenge: One Arm Snatch - 12 reps per side, no rest right into Lateral Jumps (See December 20th Challenge) for 12 jumps each way - jump as high as you can!!, Right into Planks w/ Leg Lift - perform a plank on your elbows and keep the glutes tight as you slowly lift one leg, keeping it straight, don't bend at the knee, about 1 foot off the floor, hold for 2 to 3 sec, lower slowly then lift the other foot, hold for 2 to 3 sec and lower. this equals one rep. Do 20.

Friday, December 23, 2011

December 23rd Challenge

December 23rd Challenge: 80 push-ups and 80 v-ups! Easy

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 21st Challenge

December 21st Challenge: 2/3rds of the way there, don't fold now! Push-up Rows - get in a push-up position but holding/supporting your weight on two dumbells (10-25 lbs), directly under your shoulders. perform a regular push-up, then at the top of the push-up, balance and perform a row with one arm, pulling the dumbell up towards your side/waist. Lower the weight and go directly back into a push-up, then back into a row with the same arm. perform 10 reps on the one arm, then next time through the circuit, use the other arm for rows. After the first set of Push-up Rows, go into Standing Alternating Shoulder Press - standing, holding two dumbells of medium weight at each shoulder, palms/hands facing inwards towards your head, press one directly up overhead while simultaneously rotating palm/hand from the shoulder so that when arm is fully extended overhead, the palm/hand is facing forward, then lower back to the starting position, then do the other side. this equals one rep. Perform 10-12 reps, then move on to woodchoppers (see Dec 12th Challenge for woodchoppers description). 12 reps per side or 24 total. Do 4 circuits of the above three exercises.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 20th Challenge

December 20th Challenge: Angled Lunges w/ Anterior Raise - standing, holding either two 5 to 8 lb dumbells or a 5 to 10lb medicine ball, Step with your right foot across your left side and not straight forward but at an angle, moving towards your left. As you step out, drop into a lunge, lowering the left knee towards the floor and simultaneously raising the arms straight forward to about eye level. Then push off the right foot and spring back up to the starting position, lowering the arms as you do. Then do the same lunge w/ anterior raise but this time lunge out with your left foot and towards the right side. Perform 10 reps towards each side. Then go right into 10-12 lateral jumps - place an object on the ground like a dumbell, medicine ball, small stool, ... Stand next to it so that it is just to the right side of your right foot. Squat down and jump forcefully and as high as possible laterally over the object landing in the squatted/loaded position on the right side of the object. Then forcefully jump as high as possible back over the object, landing in the starting position on the left side of it. Move right into a set of 15 per side bicycle crunches (see dec 13th challenge). 3 circuits of these three exercises.

Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19th Challenge

December 19th Challenge: Squat/Shoulder Press Combo (increase the weight you have been using for these and do 10 reps), move right into 15 reps of Bench Dips (if these are easy, put your feet up on a physioball or another bench. Remember, lower your butt slowly towards the floor and get a good range of motion before pushing back up), then go right into 20 supermans. 4 sets/circuits!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dec 17th Challenge

Dec 17th Challenge: Jumping Lunges - stand in a split leg stance, left foot out front, right foot behind, nice and wide. Lunge downward, dropping the rear knee close to the floor, keeping the front lower leg vertical, and the torso straight, then explosively jump upwards as hard and high as you can and simultaneously switch leg positions so that you land with your right foot out front, and your left foot behind, land in the lower lunge position with your left knee close to the floor, then jump up again back to the first position. This equals 1 rep. perform 10 reps, then go to Plank Rows, 10 reps per arm (up the weight from previous times I've had you do this challenge), then go right into Double Crunches for 20 to 25 slow reps. perform 3 sets.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dec 16th Challenge

Dec 16th Challenge: One Arm Snatch again for either 10 reps per side with a heavier dumbell or 15 reps w/ the same dumbell you used on the 1st and 9th. Right into Punching - holding lighter dumbells (4 to 12 lbs) in each hand, hands at your shoulders, elbows back, standing with knees slightly bent, throw out a quick left punch/jab and twist the waist into it, pull it back and quickly throw out a right punch/jab. left, right, left right for 1 minute quickly. Right into side planks - lie on your side, prop yourself up on one elbow, hips/legs off the floor and body aligned, hold for 30 to 45 seconds, flip over and do the other side. 3 circuits of these 3 exercises.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec 15th Challenge

Dec 15th Challenge: Front Lunges - stand in a split leg lunge position but place the rear foot up on a bench, chair, step... lower into a lunge position, remember to start with the feet spread far enough, one in front, one behind, so that the front lower leg stays vertical. Focus on lowering the back knee towards the floor, keeping your torso erect and head up. Once the rear knee is an inch from the floor, push back up to starting position, perform 11 more reps, then switch feet position and do 12 reps for the other side. You should feel this a lot in the quad of the front leg. If it's easy, hold dumbells in each hand. Go from the front lunges into 12 reps of Standing Curls/Shoulder Press Combo (you should know what these are by now, but if not, look back at previous challenges). Next go right into a set of Supermans. Lay face down on the floor with arms extended as though flying. Raise one arm/shoulder off the floor using the low back, while simultaneously raising the opposite leg off the floor and squeezing the glutes. Your range of motion is small in this. Hold this position for 2 to 3 seconds then lower and repeat w/ other side. 12 reps per side. Do 3 sets/circuits of the above.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 13thh Challenge

Dec 13th Challenge: Bench Jumps - stand in front of a bench, feet shoulder width apart, do a deep squat, then jump as high as you can, landing ontop of the bench with knees soft/flexed, step down easily and repeat. 13 reps. Go right into Plank Rows (see Dec 4th Challenge) for 13 reps each side, then go right into Bicycle Crunches; 13 reps per side or 26 total, and do these slowly, not fast. Perform 3 sets/circuits of the above three exercises.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dec 12th Challenge

Dec 12th Challenge: Walking Lunges - hold 2 to 20 lb dumbells in each hand, do 10-12 reps per side (step forward w/ right leg into a lunge, come back up and then step forward with left leg into a lunge, come back up; this equals one full rep), Curl/Shoulder press combo for 10-12 reps, then woodchoppers for 10 reps - hold a 10-15 lb dumbell w/ both hands, standing, feet shoulder width apart, slight bend in the knee, bend and touch the weight between your feet to the floor, then come up in a swinging motion and twist towards one side as you reach the weight up over one shoulder/overhead, then swing/bend back down as though chopping wood and touch the weight to the floor again between your feet, come back up but twist to the other side; this equals one rep. Keep your abdominals strong/tense so that you don't experience low back pain. If you do, slow down the movement and control it. Perform three sets/circuits of the three above exercises.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 11th Challenge

Dec 11th Challenge: 10-12 reps of Squat/Shoulder Press Combo (See Dec 3rd Challenge below. Remember to press the weights overhead as you push/stand up out of the squat position. Many push the weight up as they go down into the squat which is incorrect.), go right into a set of Plank Rows (see Dec 4th Challenge) for 12 reps per arm, then go right into a set of Bridge Leg Extensions on the physioball or bench - lie back on the physioball and walk forward so that just your head and shoulders are touching (same if on a bench - lie perpendiculiar to the bench), and butt is up, torso parallel to floor, lower leg vertical (see picture of bridge below). While in this position, do a leg extension with the right leg, extending from the knee so that the right leg is straight, even with the torso, parallel to floor. Hold for 2 sec, then lower and do the left leg. 10 reps per side. If having trouble balancing, take your hands/arms off your chest and and extend them laterally like an airplane. 3 sets/circuits of the above.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Dec 9th Challenge

Dec 9th Challenge: One Arm Snatch (see Dec 1st Challenge) for 12 reps per arm, then right into Lateral Bench Hops - straddle a bench or chair, then place your right foot up on the bench, left foot on the ground still on the left side of bench. Step up and hop switching the right foot on the bench with your left foot, and landing back on the ground on the other side of the bench with your right foot. Then go back up and over to to the same starting point (left foot on ground, right on bench). For a bit more of a challenge, hold light dumbells (5 to 10 lbs) in each hand and at your hips/waist. Perform 12 reps (remember, up and over AND BACK is one rep!), then go right into a sets of 20 Ab Twists/rotations holding a medium dumbell - seated on floor, holding dumbell in both hands, knees, slightly bent, torso twisted towards one side w/ the dumbell touching the ground and elbows in close to sides, lift the dumbell up and over your legs using your torso, twist to other side and tap dumbell to floor, lift and twist back - this is one rep. Do 3 circuits of this routine.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Dec 8th Challenge

Dec 8th Challenge: Single Arm Chest Press - use a physioball (big blow up ball) as a bench if you have one. If not, use a bench but dont lie back on it like you normally would. Instead, sit in the middle of it, then slide forward so that your body is perpendiculiar to the bench and just your head and shoulder blades are on it (same if on a physioball, meaning just your heads and shoulder blades should be on it, feet on the ground, knees at 90 degrees, body straight like a board), hold a mid to heavy dumbell (12 to 50 lbs) in one hand and place the free hand on your stomach. Keep those glutes tight and up, as though your body is a bridge.
Then, perform 10-12 reps of a basic chest press with one arm, then switch and do the other arm. Get a good range of motion, and lower the weight slowly, press it up quickly. Go from this right into a set of v-ups - sit right at the edge of a bench and keep your legs straigt out in front of you, heels barely touching the ground, leaning back at a 45 degree angle - your body should be straight. Pull your knees up and in while simultaneously pulling your shoulders in and downwards, as though curling into the fetal position, then return slowly to the straight position.
Perform 15 to 20 slow reps. Do 4 supersets of these two exercises.


Wednesday, December 07, 2011

2012 Plunge and Dec 7th Challenge

We have built a great annual tradition with the Plunge, where 100% of the raised funds have gone to ill children, tsunami survivors, wounded soldiers, … I am more than appreciative of the contributions made throughout the previous seven years. Asking for charitable donations is something I’m extremely uncomfortable with, especially in our current global economic recession. So this year, we are going to switch it up.
First, for those that don’t know what The Plunge is; each year, I recruit a bunch of other dopes (myself being the biggest dope) to jump into Long Island Sound in Southport in January (January 14th this year), representing a great cause, and also beginning the New Year with a fresh, sadistically fun baptism of sorts. My wife came up with the rule that only one family member needs to plunge. In return of our idiotic effort, we get sponsors to represent us towards a greater cause, which leads to 2012.
Over a year ago, my father found out about a nice older woman who was collecting goods and distributing them to the homeless under a bridge in Bridgeport, CT. He took action of this more than worthy cause and got his church involved. Every third Sunday of each month, he and my mother and a group from their church collect goods and bring them to the bridge in Bridgeport and pass them out to the homeless. Each time that I have been there to assist, I was blown away by the experience.
This year, instead of collecting money from your coworkers, relatives, piers in support of this Plunge, the goal will be to collect goods for the homeless. My father has provided a list of what is needed:
Heavy winter coats
underwear (mens XL)
canned foods (soup, stew, chili, etc.)
canned vegetables
tooth brushes
any personal care items

I will be much more accurate with the tide charts for this coming years Plunge, and send out the exact time that we will plunge soon. We will do this on Saturday, January 14th, at Southport Beach (between exit 18 and 19 off i95). For those interested in assisting at the bridge the next day (Sunday, the 15th), I will provide directions and information. Please let me know if you will be attending (you don’t even need to plunge) by emailing me at , and have a great holiday!

Dec 7th Challenge: Step-ups w/ Rhomboid Squeeze - stand in front of a bench, chair or stairs holding mid to heavy weight dumbells (10 to 30 lbs) and place right foot firmly on the bench, chair, or second stair. Step up and raise/drive the left knee upwards as though trying to knee someone in the chin in front of you. Simultaneously squeeze the rhomboids (pretend there is a chalkboard eraser between your shoulder blades and you are trying to pinch it to hold it there with your shoulder blades) and subtly push the dumbells backwards slightly as though placing them on a table behind you. return down with the left foot and do 9 to 11 more reps, then switch feet. Go right from this into a set of Plank Rows from the ground - hold mid weight dumbells in each hand (10-20 lbs), place them on the ground, but still hold them and assume the upper push-up plank position. Keeping your balance, perform a row with one arm by pulling the dumbell up towards your waist/side, then lower and switch to the other side. Perform 10 to 12 reps for each side, then go right into a set of 20 Ab Toe Touches (See Dec 4th Challenge). Perform 3 sets/circuits.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Dec 6th Challenge

Dec 6th Challenge: Deep Squat Knees High Jumps - standing, feet shoulder width apart, no weights, slowly do a deep squat as though sitting on a low bench, then powerfully jump as high as you can and bring the knees up high as though you are trying to do a cannonball in a pool, land with soft knees back in the deep squat loaded position. This is a great plyometric. Jump as high as you can. If you are dealing with a lower extremity injury, do the squat and then just come back up quickly but dont worry about jumping. After doing 10 of these, grab two medium weight dumbells (10 to 30 lbs) and go right into a set of Curl/Shoulder Press Combos. Standing or seated, keep the stomach tight, do a biceps curl and when the dumbells are near the shoulders in that biceps flexed state, go right into an overhead shoulder press. Do 10 reps then go right into a set of double crunches X 20 reps. Do 3 sets/circuits of these three exercises.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Dec 5th Challenge

Dec 5th Challenge: Reverse Lunge w/ Anterior Shoulder Raise combo - standing and holding 5 to 10 lb dumbells in each hand or a 5 to 10 lb medicine ball, step backwards and lower that knee towards the floor until it's only an inch from the floor. The stationary/front lower leg should remain vertical, and your torso upright, not bent at the waist. As you step back into the lunge, simultaneously raise the weights forward with straight arms until they are at your face level. When you return to standing position, lower the weights, then alternate and do the other side. 10 lunges PER leg, for 3 sets. ALSO, today do 44 push-ups! You can do these in sets of 11, starting with the push-ups and doing teh lunges in between each set of push-ups, or you can break them up into smaller sets or do them throughout the day - just get them done!

Friday, December 02, 2011

Dec 2nd Challenge

Dec 2nd Challenge: 40 push-ups. Correct push-ups! place a tennis ball under your chest and lower yourself slolwy until you touch the tennis ball with your chest, then press back up to the starting position forcefully. No girl push-ups! If you can only do one real push-up, then do 40 sets of 1 push-up throughout the day. You can do these in sets of 5, 10, ... Just get them done. Also, 3 sets X 15 to 20 reps of slow double crunches (lay on back, hands next to ears, knees bent up slightly, feet on ground. Do a slow stomach crunch, contracting the abdominals and bringing the shoulders slightly off the ground, force the lower spine to the floor. Simultaneously lift the knees up and in towards the chest. hold this contracted state for 2 sec, then return to starting position.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

December Challenge

I started up the December strength challenge on my Facebook EH Coaching and Training page and thought I'd also post it here for those who are interested. The idea is to do a strength exercise or three every day throughout the month of December, in addition to any other training you may happen to do each day. Here's Day 1:

Dec 1st Challenge: 3 sets x 10-12 reps of a one arm snatch (Stand w/ feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, one arm behind your back, the other holding a dumbell in front of you. Bend/squat slowly down touching the dumbell to the ground in front of you, then quickly and using primarily the legs, push up to standing position and simultaneously raise the dumbell up directly overhead, arm fully extended. The dumbell should travel close to your torso as it goes overhead, with the elbow bent and high, out to the side, as though doing an upright row. Do 10-12 reps per arm, resting 1 min between sets.)