Monday, December 05, 2011

Dec 5th Challenge

Dec 5th Challenge: Reverse Lunge w/ Anterior Shoulder Raise combo - standing and holding 5 to 10 lb dumbells in each hand or a 5 to 10 lb medicine ball, step backwards and lower that knee towards the floor until it's only an inch from the floor. The stationary/front lower leg should remain vertical, and your torso upright, not bent at the waist. As you step back into the lunge, simultaneously raise the weights forward with straight arms until they are at your face level. When you return to standing position, lower the weights, then alternate and do the other side. 10 lunges PER leg, for 3 sets. ALSO, today do 44 push-ups! You can do these in sets of 11, starting with the push-ups and doing teh lunges in between each set of push-ups, or you can break them up into smaller sets or do them throughout the day - just get them done!

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