Wednesday, December 07, 2011

2012 Plunge and Dec 7th Challenge

We have built a great annual tradition with the Plunge, where 100% of the raised funds have gone to ill children, tsunami survivors, wounded soldiers, … I am more than appreciative of the contributions made throughout the previous seven years. Asking for charitable donations is something I’m extremely uncomfortable with, especially in our current global economic recession. So this year, we are going to switch it up.
First, for those that don’t know what The Plunge is; each year, I recruit a bunch of other dopes (myself being the biggest dope) to jump into Long Island Sound in Southport in January (January 14th this year), representing a great cause, and also beginning the New Year with a fresh, sadistically fun baptism of sorts. My wife came up with the rule that only one family member needs to plunge. In return of our idiotic effort, we get sponsors to represent us towards a greater cause, which leads to 2012.
Over a year ago, my father found out about a nice older woman who was collecting goods and distributing them to the homeless under a bridge in Bridgeport, CT. He took action of this more than worthy cause and got his church involved. Every third Sunday of each month, he and my mother and a group from their church collect goods and bring them to the bridge in Bridgeport and pass them out to the homeless. Each time that I have been there to assist, I was blown away by the experience.
This year, instead of collecting money from your coworkers, relatives, piers in support of this Plunge, the goal will be to collect goods for the homeless. My father has provided a list of what is needed:
Heavy winter coats
underwear (mens XL)
canned foods (soup, stew, chili, etc.)
canned vegetables
tooth brushes
any personal care items

I will be much more accurate with the tide charts for this coming years Plunge, and send out the exact time that we will plunge soon. We will do this on Saturday, January 14th, at Southport Beach (between exit 18 and 19 off i95). For those interested in assisting at the bridge the next day (Sunday, the 15th), I will provide directions and information. Please let me know if you will be attending (you don’t even need to plunge) by emailing me at , and have a great holiday!

Dec 7th Challenge: Step-ups w/ Rhomboid Squeeze - stand in front of a bench, chair or stairs holding mid to heavy weight dumbells (10 to 30 lbs) and place right foot firmly on the bench, chair, or second stair. Step up and raise/drive the left knee upwards as though trying to knee someone in the chin in front of you. Simultaneously squeeze the rhomboids (pretend there is a chalkboard eraser between your shoulder blades and you are trying to pinch it to hold it there with your shoulder blades) and subtly push the dumbells backwards slightly as though placing them on a table behind you. return down with the left foot and do 9 to 11 more reps, then switch feet. Go right from this into a set of Plank Rows from the ground - hold mid weight dumbells in each hand (10-20 lbs), place them on the ground, but still hold them and assume the upper push-up plank position. Keeping your balance, perform a row with one arm by pulling the dumbell up towards your waist/side, then lower and switch to the other side. Perform 10 to 12 reps for each side, then go right into a set of 20 Ab Toe Touches (See Dec 4th Challenge). Perform 3 sets/circuits.

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