Friday, December 02, 2011

Dec 2nd Challenge

Dec 2nd Challenge: 40 push-ups. Correct push-ups! place a tennis ball under your chest and lower yourself slolwy until you touch the tennis ball with your chest, then press back up to the starting position forcefully. No girl push-ups! If you can only do one real push-up, then do 40 sets of 1 push-up throughout the day. You can do these in sets of 5, 10, ... Just get them done. Also, 3 sets X 15 to 20 reps of slow double crunches (lay on back, hands next to ears, knees bent up slightly, feet on ground. Do a slow stomach crunch, contracting the abdominals and bringing the shoulders slightly off the ground, force the lower spine to the floor. Simultaneously lift the knees up and in towards the chest. hold this contracted state for 2 sec, then return to starting position.

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Christi said...

Nice challenge!