Friday, December 09, 2011

Dec 9th Challenge

Dec 9th Challenge: One Arm Snatch (see Dec 1st Challenge) for 12 reps per arm, then right into Lateral Bench Hops - straddle a bench or chair, then place your right foot up on the bench, left foot on the ground still on the left side of bench. Step up and hop switching the right foot on the bench with your left foot, and landing back on the ground on the other side of the bench with your right foot. Then go back up and over to to the same starting point (left foot on ground, right on bench). For a bit more of a challenge, hold light dumbells (5 to 10 lbs) in each hand and at your hips/waist. Perform 12 reps (remember, up and over AND BACK is one rep!), then go right into a sets of 20 Ab Twists/rotations holding a medium dumbell - seated on floor, holding dumbell in both hands, knees, slightly bent, torso twisted towards one side w/ the dumbell touching the ground and elbows in close to sides, lift the dumbell up and over your legs using your torso, twist to other side and tap dumbell to floor, lift and twist back - this is one rep. Do 3 circuits of this routine.

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