Thursday, December 08, 2011

Dec 8th Challenge

Dec 8th Challenge: Single Arm Chest Press - use a physioball (big blow up ball) as a bench if you have one. If not, use a bench but dont lie back on it like you normally would. Instead, sit in the middle of it, then slide forward so that your body is perpendiculiar to the bench and just your head and shoulder blades are on it (same if on a physioball, meaning just your heads and shoulder blades should be on it, feet on the ground, knees at 90 degrees, body straight like a board), hold a mid to heavy dumbell (12 to 50 lbs) in one hand and place the free hand on your stomach. Keep those glutes tight and up, as though your body is a bridge.
Then, perform 10-12 reps of a basic chest press with one arm, then switch and do the other arm. Get a good range of motion, and lower the weight slowly, press it up quickly. Go from this right into a set of v-ups - sit right at the edge of a bench and keep your legs straigt out in front of you, heels barely touching the ground, leaning back at a 45 degree angle - your body should be straight. Pull your knees up and in while simultaneously pulling your shoulders in and downwards, as though curling into the fetal position, then return slowly to the straight position.
Perform 15 to 20 slow reps. Do 4 supersets of these two exercises.


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