Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 20th Challenge

December 20th Challenge: Angled Lunges w/ Anterior Raise - standing, holding either two 5 to 8 lb dumbells or a 5 to 10lb medicine ball, Step with your right foot across your left side and not straight forward but at an angle, moving towards your left. As you step out, drop into a lunge, lowering the left knee towards the floor and simultaneously raising the arms straight forward to about eye level. Then push off the right foot and spring back up to the starting position, lowering the arms as you do. Then do the same lunge w/ anterior raise but this time lunge out with your left foot and towards the right side. Perform 10 reps towards each side. Then go right into 10-12 lateral jumps - place an object on the ground like a dumbell, medicine ball, small stool, ... Stand next to it so that it is just to the right side of your right foot. Squat down and jump forcefully and as high as possible laterally over the object landing in the squatted/loaded position on the right side of the object. Then forcefully jump as high as possible back over the object, landing in the starting position on the left side of it. Move right into a set of 15 per side bicycle crunches (see dec 13th challenge). 3 circuits of these three exercises.

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