Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 11th Challenge

Dec 11th Challenge: 10-12 reps of Squat/Shoulder Press Combo (See Dec 3rd Challenge below. Remember to press the weights overhead as you push/stand up out of the squat position. Many push the weight up as they go down into the squat which is incorrect.), go right into a set of Plank Rows (see Dec 4th Challenge) for 12 reps per arm, then go right into a set of Bridge Leg Extensions on the physioball or bench - lie back on the physioball and walk forward so that just your head and shoulders are touching (same if on a bench - lie perpendiculiar to the bench), and butt is up, torso parallel to floor, lower leg vertical (see picture of bridge below). While in this position, do a leg extension with the right leg, extending from the knee so that the right leg is straight, even with the torso, parallel to floor. Hold for 2 sec, then lower and do the left leg. 10 reps per side. If having trouble balancing, take your hands/arms off your chest and and extend them laterally like an airplane. 3 sets/circuits of the above.

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