Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec 15th Challenge

Dec 15th Challenge: Front Lunges - stand in a split leg lunge position but place the rear foot up on a bench, chair, step... lower into a lunge position, remember to start with the feet spread far enough, one in front, one behind, so that the front lower leg stays vertical. Focus on lowering the back knee towards the floor, keeping your torso erect and head up. Once the rear knee is an inch from the floor, push back up to starting position, perform 11 more reps, then switch feet position and do 12 reps for the other side. You should feel this a lot in the quad of the front leg. If it's easy, hold dumbells in each hand. Go from the front lunges into 12 reps of Standing Curls/Shoulder Press Combo (you should know what these are by now, but if not, look back at previous challenges). Next go right into a set of Supermans. Lay face down on the floor with arms extended as though flying. Raise one arm/shoulder off the floor using the low back, while simultaneously raising the opposite leg off the floor and squeezing the glutes. Your range of motion is small in this. Hold this position for 2 to 3 seconds then lower and repeat w/ other side. 12 reps per side. Do 3 sets/circuits of the above.

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