Sunday, February 25, 2007

Presidents Week

Last week was a busy week! It started with a family trip to Disney World. This was our second trip to Disney. In 2004, I went down there to race the ½ IM Hawaii qualifier. At the time, my kids were 3 ½ years old and 11 months. It was a fun trip, yet not one they would remember. This time, there was no race involved. Ryan had school vacation which is why we, and millions of others, planned our trip around this week.

Our first day at Disney, the high temperature reached only 55 degrees! I was having Palm Spring flash backs. After a car ride, plane ride, shuttle ride, tram ride and ferry ride, we were at the Magic Kingdom and ready to go on some Disney rides.

The park was crowded with what seemed like every obese person in the world. It came to my attention that I have two pet peeves I wasn’t aware of. One is the line sideler. This is the obnoxious person, usually obese, who is right behind you in line, and I mean right behind you! So close that you can feel their breath on your neck. So close that it feels as though you are carrying them in a back pack. The line starts to move forward and they sidle right up onto you. I had a few of these where, I’m not quite sure, but I think I was violated. My other pet peeve is the guy, and occasional woman, decked out in Nascar gear. The button up shirt with the big number and name of the driver on the back with the matching hat. These are grown men! The Daytona 500 was last weekend so there were quite a few of these at the park. My son is into football and likes to wear his Manning and Brady jerseys around. He’s six.

There aren’t a lot of healthy nutritional options at the Magic Kingdom. If you want something fried or sugary, you are in luck.

It sounds as though I’m bitching quite a bit – yes, I realize I’m breaking my own number one rule. However, even with the above mentionables, this was one of the best vacations. We pulled up to the park aboard the ferry, with the castle directly in front of us. As we entered the park, I scooped up my daughter so she could see the princesses in the show taking place in front of the castle. My daughters’ big eyes became even bigger and her jaw was dropped from excitement. I actually welled up! I’m a big sap when it comes to these things. To see her and my son having so much fun was worth the long lines, sidelers, and Nascar wearing people X’s ten.

By day three, the warm Florida weather had returned. We did a lot on this trip including spending a day at Sea World with Shamu, and at the Animal Kingdom, Epcot and another day at the Magic Kingdom. The rides there are pretty amazing. Our family favorite was “Soaring” at Epcot. One day, we went to the park at 8:30am, and left at 10pm at night, after the fireworks. My daughter, again, was blown away by tinkerbell flying from the top of the castle at the beginning of the fireworks. My son is a little dare devil. The more high up, fast, twisty the ride, the better for him. My daughter was in princess heaven. We even had dinner one night with the princesses, which was priceless.

Upon leaving, it hit me that this trip would never happen again. Sure, we’ll probably come back to Disney, but my daughter will not be awe struck by the experience. She’ll be beyond this phase that I love. And my son will probably want to bring a friend to pal around with. The progression of life and I was bummed. I never envisioned myself really liking Disney.

On a side note, I carried my daughter for probably 90% of the time we were at the parks. With all the people there, it was safer and faster to get around if I carried her. My back was fine.

I came back from Disney and jumped back on a plane the next day to visit some clients of mine. I did some testing, and training and had a nice trip. The friends I stayed with are my kind of people.

I now am awaiting my flight back to CT. I have three weeks left until my Arizona camp. I better get some training in!



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