Wednesday, April 18, 2007

CT Camp Planning

Baker and I have done this almost every year since 2000. We head up to Lakeville, CT for two days in April to scout out some new routes for the May Camp, and plan the agenda. The past two years, Big Rocks has joined us, although he's smart - he meets us up here before dinner for some beers and good food.

I met with an early morning PT client in Greenwhich and then headed up to Lakeville. Driving up 684 and then rt. 22, it was raining quite hard, and windy, and 40 degrees. I met Baker in the parking lot around 9:30am, and prepped to ride. I wanted to check out one of the courses we are planning on doing this year. We headed out on our road bikes around 10:30am. The wind was strong, and it was cold, but the rain was holding off for the time being. It felt great to be back up here and out riding regardless of the weather. Around two hours in after some decent climbing, I mentioned to Baker "How cool is this?! Another year and we are still out here riding!"

We had a serious headwind for the next hour, right to the base of a killer climb. Of course, it also started to rain. As I crested the peak of the climb approximately 5 miles later, wet and chilled, I thought again about how great it was to be out riding. I have been hearing lots of complaints lately about the weather. People really are jonesing for some sun and warm days up here in the Northeast. Many have mentioned that they are lacking motivation because of the poor weather. The way I see it, you have two choices; view the weather as a problem and handicap your lifestyle accordingly, or stay optimistic and forge ahead. Considering all the serious things taking place in the world at the moment, bitching about the weather and letting it hamper our moods seems a bit wussified.

I don't want to seem insensistive, or act like I'm some hard-ass. I understand that many deal with sun light deprivation disorder. All that I'm saying is own your choices and make sure they represent you.

Baker and I descended and stopped at a small convienient store 4 hours into the ride where we downed a couple of hot chocolates and then spun the hour home. We cleaned off our filthy bikes and then headed out to check out a new trail run. I don't want to give anything away but this trail run is incredible! I can't believe that we have hosted 8 camps here at this location and we are just finding this run!

After a few Guiness and some good food, we are quite whooped. I think both courses that we scouted out today are two of my favorites thus far in the past seven years. Tomorrow we have another busy day.



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