Thursday, May 17, 2007

Never a dull moment

Yes, it's been quite awhile since my last post, but I'm back. We just finished the first full day of my CT camp and it's been extremely busy and eventful. Man, what a start to this one. Yesterday morning, I loaded up my car in the garage, and put my race bike and my new road bike on the back rack. The bikes were cleaned and ready for camp. The new road bike is my new favorite and the one I'd be taking to France this summer. I kept thinking about what needed to be done for camp, and wondering if I had forgotten anything. As I back out of my garage, I hear the crunch of metal. I stop quickly and didn't even need to get out of my car to know what just happened. Anita, my kids sitter, had hand surgery the day before and spent the night at our house. She has a car that's low to the ground that I didn't see. Long story short, both my bikes were toasted. The frames and wheels bent and cracked. I was sick to my stomach. I couldn't even speak. I grabbed a frame I had in my basement and made the drive up to the Interlaken, where I had hoped to switch the useable components off of my wrecked bikes onto this frame, and then head out and mark some courses. I was missing some parts that I had to run into Litchfield and then Torrington for, before returning back to Lakeville. This took most of the day. I called up my contact at Cannondale, Matt Cappiello, to see if he might be able to help me out, while I was building up my bikes. The cell phone coverage up here sucks and I was cut off leaving a message for Matt. Matt called me back and said, "Eric, is everything ok? All's that I heard was you were backing up and hit... Are your kids ok?" Boy did that put things into perspective for me!

The campers arrived and we went out for a beautiful run. This was just what I needed. We then had a great dinner, followed by the initial meeting. We have a fun group of 17 - they all seem adventerous and more importantly, they all have good senses of hmour.

Today was huge day - a 90 min swim first thing in the am, then breakfast, then a 2 hrs easy ride to the time trial start where everyone timetrialed the 8 mile course all out to provide me with some good HR info, then we refueled at the sag and road another 3 hrs including a good 5 mile climb. We followed that up with an easy trail run, then Greg pelican from Bethel Bike, who had joined us on the ride and run today and did a great time on the TT course, discussed bike fit and aerodynamics in cycling and demonstrated proper fit with a size-cycle. He did a great job, providing some very useful, informative information.

There were three MVP's today who will fill you in more. They all owe write ups for the site.

Thanks Matt C. for helping me out big time and for also putting things into perspective. Thanks Lou from Cannondale who Matt rallied to get me a demo bike to use for the camp and dropped one off late Wednesday night.

I'm wiped out and going to try and get some sleep.



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