Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Tour Begins!

I recovered pretty well from the 40 miler last Sunday. Monday, I was a bit stiff around the tendons of the knees, as expected. I took the day off from training, but was back at it on Tuesday with an easy ride and run. I actually felt pretty good. In fact, the week went well.

We (the family) just returned from a quick overnight trip up to Watch Hill, Rhode Island. The beach we like up there was totally reconfigured by mother nature and some of the storms that occured this winter and spring. There is about 30 less feet of beach now, and after walking about 20 feet into to the ocean, the floor drops off quite drastically. There was a bizarre break also, and the waves were great, but dangerous for youngsters and not so secure swimmers. Between that and the cold water temp, there weren't too many in the ocean. Lot's of surfers though. I went in and played a bit. I'm claiming it a swim, even though I really just went in to pee and then rode a few waves, before freezing enough to high tail out of there. So that makes 4 swims this year - 1 in Tucson, 2 in LP, and 1 in Watch Hill.

We went to Mystic Aquarium today which was nice. The kids were somewhat interested. Ryan couldn't wait to get home to watch the Tour De France Prologue.

I'm, once again, excited about the Tour this year. There are so many pessimists who are frustrated and fed up with the doping and scandals in the Tour, but I'm still a follower. Sure, I realize there is a major problem in professional cycling - one that will be difficult to make go away. It's also very easy to sit back and point fingers and call out the cheaters, not realizing the pressure that these riders are under. Is it right for them to submit and dope? Definitely no - it's not right. But is it an easy yes or no choice for these riders? Again, it's easy for us to say "yes, it is an easy yes or no choice!" not realizing everything that's going on. I am certainly not justifying it - all's that I'm saying is that until you walk a mile in someone elses shoes, don't judge. If they doped, then it's plainly wrong and penalties should be paid. But don't lose focus of what the Tour is all about - the stage race with amazing courses and unbelievable action. Plus, this years Tour should be very clean considering last years spectacle. Plus, watch it with a passionate 6 year old who doesn't yet understand doping and scandals and you'll witness the pure excitement that this race evokes.

I still cannot believe how fast Fabian Cancellara rode the prologue!!! Close to 5 miles covered in just under 8 minutes. That's mind boggling.



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