Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's been fun...

I mentioned in a post earlier this year that I began racing triathlons in the late 80's top early 90's. I've had quite a good run, accomplishing more than I imagined, while growing a a great family and a business. The lessons and memories gained are irreplaceable and will feed me throughout my life.

Coming off of a camp usually leaves me fired up and anxious to race. Yet, the fire wasn't there after Tucson this year. I find myself more distracted and annoyed with the longer training lately and it does seem much easier to blow off a session for something irrelevant that I would have never used as an excuse before. So I think it's time I move on to something else.

I'll stay involved through coaching, but personally, it's time to devote my energy into another passion. The people that I have met through this great sport will continue to inspire me.




Anonymous said...

I cannot be reading this correctly? The Big E retiring to pursue another passion or a new endeavor! Maybe due to the recent writers strike, you can write for a sit com or try your material and become a standup comedian. I can see it now in big lights “Come see BIG E with special guest Pee-Wee Herman”


Anonymous said...

Good call. Triathlon, ironman in particular, is a dumb sport. We should all throw in the towel!