Sunday, June 21, 2009

brief update on LP camp 09'

Sorry I haven't posted each day here at camp. I guess I should be apologizing to myself since I try to write this blog as though I'm keeping a journal for me.

It's been an amazing camp - especially the Friday ride which I found this year, which is top secret, and which all the campers here who have attended some of my other camps claimed as one of, if not, the best ride route they have done.

For all the nasty weather forecasts and predictions, we escaped relatively dry every day! In fact, yesterday (Saturday) was probably the best conditions I've ever witnessed here; overcast and high 60's with no wind. It would have been a record setting day had the race been yesterday.

I will do a more detailed write up, later today or this coming week, on each day and the campers who were once again a lot of fun.

As it turns out, I am dealing with a head cold/virus. It seems that the allergies, combined with my own ignorance of ignoring the need for sleep due to lifes demands has weakened my immunity. It's forced some interesting decisions, at least to me, with my race schedule. Right now, I need to rest up and heal and let my immune system regain it's strength.

More later...

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