Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Update To Kona Build

Yeah, I've been awfully neglectful here. Had a few people calling me out, so i guess there are some that read the jibberish. My apologies. It's been purely out of lack of time and not laziness.

I can't believe I'm 2 1/2 weeks out from Hawaii! Man the time went quick. I can honestly say that I had a great build for Kona, and more importantly, I feel good now. I didn't quite get in the volume I used to for this race, however I did get in the key sessions, and more importantly, they all went very well. We'll see how this turns out on October 10th.

So I just want to jot down a few key notes on this specific Hawaii build so that I don't forget them; Got the annual Vermont ride in with some good friends. Kept it comfortable and easy on the way up and still cruised along at a solid pace in the 90 degree heat and very high humidity and managed to run well off the bike up in Brattleboro. The ride home was interesting, to say the least, since I came down with a fever and stomach flu that many had at a get-together the night before heading up - I didn't eat or drink anything for nearly four hours of riding in the hot summer weather. Thankfully, this bug was a short lived one. I did some solid long runs w/ Chris T. including a quick 22 miler. Kenny O. kept me company on many of my long rides, and on labor day, when I was initially down because I was missing the 20K in New Haven to get in the priority of a long ride, this ride and brick run turned out to be one of my best bricks to date. I did some great open water swimming with Denny and have a new appreciation for the Sound. I just finished up my Fall CT camp where on Saturday, in beautiful cool weather, I took the smaller, adventurous group on probably the most challenging camp ride to date! Then yesterday we shot two more dvds up at The Bar.

There were many more highlights, but the bottom line is that I really enjoyed the process this time around due to taking some time off, paying more attention to my recovery, choosing new and adventurous courses, and who knows why else?

I have lots of thoughts to jot down - hopefully sooner rather than later. Spending a good deal of time training alone with nothing but your thoughts can create some interesting ideas. Either interesting or bizarre, none the less, I need to jot them down soon.



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