Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Site Is Up!

My new web site is up. Actually, it's an early version still as Alan is still going to tweak a few things, but the main thing is the content. Check out a new article from Straz, Big Rocks, a profiled athlete feature on Jeff Kramer, as well as info on the AZ camp and other cool stuff. We are still looking for pictures (big pictures) for the site, as well as some race reports, camp mvp write ups,... And also stay tuned for some more featured columns like "Advice From The SloPro's" - the much anticipated column by Baker and Molson. I'd love some feedback.





alan said...

IWhen Eric says I need photos, he's right. I specifically looking for big, landscape style pix of you or someone you know in action.

You know those pictures where you think 'Hey, that's way too big to email to someone'.

That's the size I need.

MandyB said...

Looks great, guys!!