Sunday, March 20, 2011

Todays Run Playlist

I had a great 2 hr run this morning; at the 1 hr 10 min mark, I did 40 min of tempo that just clicked - a feeling I have been looking for the past few years! The sun and crisp temperature certainly helped, but my playlist was also a catalyst;

Day Dreamin - Lupe Fiasco
Runaway - Lincoln Park
Already Home - Jay Z
Let It Die - Foo Fighters
Total Life Forever - Foals
Fight The Power - Public Enemy
Sweet Disposition - Temper trap
Super Bon Bon - Soul Coughing
Sun Is Shining - Bob Marley vs. Funkstar de Luxe Extended Club Mix
Bawitdaba - Kid Rock
Uprising - Muse
Cinderella Man - Eminem
Friends - Band Of Skulls
Ride To California - Paper Tongues
The Choice is Yours - Black Sheep
Shattered - Rolling Stones
The Distance - Cake
Hello/Goodbye - Lupe Fiasco
Free Fiddy - 50 cent/Tom Petty mix
Off That - Jay Z
Power - Kanye West
Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People
Waiting For The End - Lincoln Park
Somewhere Only we Know - Keene

Yes, I am all over the place - with the exception of country. If anyone wants to share their playlist, that would be cool.




Donna D said...

Are you opposed to country? I have a few kick butt country songs to run too ;) among others.

Eric said...

No offense Donna, but ya, I guess I am opposed to country.