Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feel up for a ride (or run) this Sat?

In 2004, I started the Ride For Rick out of Woodbury, CT as a tribute to my friend Rick Moisan who was battling cancer at the time. This "Ride" evolved into four rides and also a 5K run and became quite the fundraiser towards local charities involved in cancer and scholarships. Lisa Moisan and her friends did an excellent job of running this event, however, it started becoming a full time job, and when the economy began to decline, they decided to put it on hold for a couple of years. Lisa then gave the event to Go The Distance ( ) who will be putting it on for the first time this Saturday, October 1st. I will be heading out on my bike there at 7:45am to do the 50 mile ride if anyone would like to join me. It's a great course that winds through some beautiful countryside and around Lake Warmaug.

I'm hoping that they get a decent turnout for the event although I know the marketing and advertising was a small fraction of what it was when Lisa and her crew were running it. In all honesty, raising funds for local charities is surely a great thing, but my main motivation for participating is that it's one thing that still connects me in some way to my friend Rick.

There has been a lot of racing lately and I wanted to just give brief congratulations to two of my athletes who have done some quite impressive things:

Travis Funk - he pr'd every distance he raced this year from 5k to Olympic Distance Tri to IM. He did a 10:20 at IMLP, then came back not too long afterwards with a 10:15 at IM Wisconsin. And he managed to squeeze in the VT ride between these two IM’s!! Feeling lazy?

Next, Greg pelican, owner of Bethel Cycle, who at 52 years of age will battle any 20 yr old. He just raced Duathlon Worlds in Spain and finished on the podium in third place, 12 seconds out of first! He’s known for his cycling, but Greg had the fastest second run of the day in his age group!

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