Sunday, January 20, 2008

2008 Polar Plunge

Thanks everyone who participated in or donated to the 2008 Plunge. Kathleen and Jacob were extremely thankful - Kathleen easily showed her gratitude through her emotion all morning. This years Plunge was bizarre. The air temperature was cold at 28 degrees, but not as bad as it's been in other years, yet the water was definitely the coldest I have witnessed yet. I ran down to the water and dove in head first, full of energy and adrenaline. Yet, that frigidness hits you like a brick wall and turns your energy into slow motion. My brain was still racing, yet my body was not responding quickly. Channel 12 News showed up AFTER we were already out of the water!

Once again, I'm truly grateful for all of your support and dedication towards my charitable events. Even though we are raising awareness and funds for a very tough situation, the morning was still lots of fun. Last night at The Bar in New Haven with a bunch of you was also certainly lots of fun! I'm curious as to whether Dangle took home that box of gummis from the bachlorette party.

Thank you.




triguyjt said...

nice event you had and I hope you raised some significant money for the great cause.

I did a polar plunge and you said it a ton of bricks...


Anonymous said...

Freak. cold, wet, freak.

Good work.

John Hirsch

Eric said...

Thanks JT - we're looking at $7000 for Kathleen and jacob!

John - in a strange way, I kind of dig the pain from the plunge?!

Amy said...

As the chubbiest person in the Plunge for the last two years and probably the next two also, this is well worth the 30 seconds of discomfort and embarrassment of being half naked on a CT beach in January! It makes you grateful and that part lasts way longer than the cold in your toes.

Eric said...

Amy, as I have mentioned before, great for you for stepping up for this cause! You embrace the bigger purpose of the event and laugh your way through it. Good for you! There are many, many out there who talk a good game.