Friday, February 22, 2008

tech hiatus

My kids had their winter school break this week, so we headed way south. We were able to escape the northeast to 85 degree sun with a slight breeze every day which was just what the doctor ordered.

Besides the warm sun and crystal clear ocean, the next best thing was that I committed to turning off my cell phone, and not using my computer while I was there. I had my laptop with me and did write a few things during the flights but I didn't open it at the hotel.

You know what - for a week, it was great! I even stayed clear of current events. I've been caught up in this political race yet I didn't open a newspaper or turn on the news. The only TV I watched was Phinneas and Ferb on the Disney Channel, I think with my kids.

A week was the perfect amount of time. I have some friends that are real tech geeks - I mean they are slaves to their gadgets. It's an easy trap to fall into nowadays. Escaping it for a week is actually really nice. It makes you think about how tied we are to our stuff, and maybe simplifying is actually a good thing. I do realize though that this technology allows me to run a business. However, again, unless you are the president, one week won't kill you. It was actually quite annoying to see a lot of guys on their crackberry's and cell phones while on the beach.

Me, I was playing endless rounds of diving catch in the ocean with my son, and it doesn't get much better than that.



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triguyjt said...

good for you on the break..

thats always rejuvenating...