Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tucson 08' Day Tres

Today was a big day. I am in the process of turning Jeff into a Starbuck's addict. He placed his own order there today. This can be quite intimidating, but he handled it well. He was a bit nervous at first. I could see the beads of sweat accumulating as he rehearsed his order while in line. But he focused and came through, which was quite empowering for him.

The other big happening was that Bruce was the MVP. He's supposed to do a write up so I'll let him fill you in on the dirty details that earned him the coveted mvp spot. In the best interest of the campers, I won't reveal certain information without there consent. To be honest, I still don't know what the hell went on, but the imagined images are haunting.

We also trained quite a bit. We started with a run once again in Saguaro National Park. The sun was out and bright early on and it was absolutely amazing in the park. We ran on single track trail through the rolling desert surrounded by cacti with jack rabbits scurrying everywhere. Some mountain range was our backdrop. We covered a little over an hour of running, before hitting Jamba Juice and Brueggers. We did a great ride out to Colossal Caves on a rolling course. The weather was perfect today - sunny and right around 70. Returning from this, we hit the pool and swam. I videod the group in the water although they are not allowing me to post these videos on here.

It was another great day of training. Tomorrow we hit Kitt peak - an 11 mile climb that is a grinder. I'll be wearing a myathlete tracking device if anyone is interested in tracking me - so will one of the group. I need to get some sleep - the days are getting very busy and I'm beat. By the way, jeff had his garmin on for the ride yesterday where I mentioned in that blog that we did a climb that I guessed was 18%. Turns out it was 22.5%!!!



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