Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary Lisa

Lisa and I celebrated our thirteenth anniversary this week. As I mentioned in a previous blog, these have become great journals for myself, so this blog is about her. If you don't want to be bored with this stuff, you can stop reading this one now.

Lisa and I met in college and have had an amazing journey thus far. We have been through the typical 13 year anniversary items like becoming homeowners twice and having kids. One thing that we have both been adamant about since having kids is getting away together at least one time each year to reconnect with each other. Truth be told, we spend quite a bit of time together and we actually really enjoy each others company. We have been on some incredible adventures together. She has been with me through 9 Ironmans. Hawaii is an incredible race, but one of the main reasons I like it so much is that Lisa and I really make the most of the trip and have such a great time after the race there. We have repelled down a 90 foot cliff inside a cave, have whitewater rafted on class V rapids, and rode horses through amazing mountainsides. We have explored some beautiful unknown beaches, climbed the Pyrenees (myself on a bike, her in a car!) and laughed our way through the Louvre. In fact, the thing that we do the most with each other is laugh. Yes, we have been on some life changing adventures, but the bottom line is that we can have a lot of fun just hanging out on the sofa at home watching TV. How cool is that?! She's just an amazing person, mother and spouse and I am extremely lucky - simple as that.




Amanda C said...

Awwww - congrats!! The journey is that much sweeter with someone you can share it with!

Anonymous said...

cat 1 here.

with that post.... you're sure to get lucky tonight!

cat 1 out.

Eric said...

Cat 1... Thanks for posting Chuck L.

Thanks Amanda!