Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Running

Who needs snowshoes? Ken and I met at 7am this morning for our Sunday long run as usual. There were a lot less cars in the trail parking lot this morning. That's a shame - it was a beautiful morning to run. Connecticut got hammered with snow yesterday - a fluffy, yet thick snow. This is great to run in and makes for a different workout. It's definitely a strength run. The first thing most ask when they find I'm running in the trails in the snow is "don't your feet get wet and cold?" Once your feet are wet, they're wet. And they rarely get cold as long as your moving.

I hope others got a chance to get outside and run in this. it's amazingly peaceful in the woods and the white snow is unbelievably picturesque. It'd be a shame to be stuck indoors on a treadmill and miss out on these days that are few and far between.


Anonymous said...

Word to the snow!

9 degrees and about 6 inches into a projected 15 inch blizzard when I went out today.. there's really no excuse to avoid it for many reasons.

When I was out running a guy shoveling said, "The Patriots are up big time if you care." I said, "Yeah I do care, thanks."

Little did he know that this Steeler fan was caring for all the wrong reasons..


Eric said...

Scared about playoff revenge Straz?! Let's just hope the Pats make it there.

Anonymous said...

I think the story of the year is the Dolphins.. from the joke of the league to playoff contenders.

Watch out for that Parcells feller, I think he's going to do good things.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I am starting to get a little braver when it comes to this cold weather training but really, how did you keep your feet warm...especially for nine miles

Since the topic of football is already posted, anyone know of any good coaches for the Rams, this season was brutal.