Thursday, February 11, 2010


I realize I need to finish up my Cleveland Camp report and I will.

I entered the lottery this year for the Leadville 100 mountain bike race in August. If I were to get in, this would be my key race for this season. Well, I received an email yesterday from Leadville that began with "We regret to inform you...". I am truly bummed! Lisa said to me "you knew that it was a lottery and there was a good chance that you would not get picked!" Sure, but I have a tendency to focus on what I want to happen. My emotions following this decision were interesting to me. You see, I've never been in a lottery situation before concerning getting into a race, and I found out I hate it! Yeah, I know - of course I hate it, because I didn't get picked. However, I hated it before any decision was made. I've never been a fan of any type of lottery. Maybe that's why I don't care for gambling. I'm sure it's more of the control freak in me. I like to control my destination or make my luck happen, not wait and hope for it. I've always been the one who was in control of whether I got into a race or not. I realize that there has to be winners and losers with a lottery system, and because I lost, the immature, cutthroat side of my emotions automatically feels resentful towards this event. As I read further along on my dejection letter, there was a part that said "if you attend a Carmichael Camp, you can still get in" and I thought to myself "those bureaucratic f'ers", and then there was another part that said "think about still attending as we can always use help to pass out water bottles" and again, I thought F'K THEM! I don't like this side of me but I'm just noting my initial raw reaction. I was upset I didn't get in and I'm still upset. But you know, I've had a pretty good athletic run so far and I'll find another goal, so I really can't complain. Anyone have any cool ideas for a big goal this year?




MandyB said...

Survival of the Shawanagunks (sp?) - although the Team in Training people usually buy out all the spots... but the race director might make an exception for you!!

Super epic race - I'd LOVE to do it!

Natextr said...

Hey Eric,

I am sorry that you didn't get in to Leadville. The lottery thing does stink... I think that the Lance thing made a race that was hard to get into near impossible.
It is amazing that of six of my friends (including you), I was the only one who got in through the lottery. If you are interested in a great challenge, check out the Wilderness 101 in State College, PA. It is happening on July 31st this year. I did it in 2004 and had an absolute blast. As the title implies, it is 101 miles long; however, that is only part of what makes it so hard. Over 10,000 feet of climbing and some of the fastest MTB racers on the East coast also make it an event. Ask Rich Rude and Joey Salem about it. Quite the adventure!
See you soon,

Eric said...

Mandy, do you know the race director? I cant believe that race is full already. One I always wanted to do though.

Nate, congrats to you! I think they should have a lottery and a qualifying way. The Wilderness 101 looks great although I'm already gone that week during the summer. Thanks for the idea.

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Anonymous said...

Eric Try this - John
D2R2 - Deerfield Dirt Road Randonnee 2010
Presented by Franklin Land Trust
Deerfield, MA
Saturday, August 21, 2010