Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tucson Camp Day 1 and 2

Arrived in Tucson yesterday afternoon. This is my fourth year hosting this camp here and it's great once again to be back. I feel like I really know the place now. Gus and I traveled out together and had smooth travels. Not as exciting as Tom and Huck (Molson nicknames for Jeff and Brian from Missouri) who saw Gwen Stefani on their flight from Vegas to Tucson. Molson had the woman beater Chris Brown on his flight from Dallas to Tucson. I had Gus.

We have a very solid and compatible group this year and once again, what's more important is that they are all fun and like to laugh.

Today started with an early Starbucks run because that's the tradition now. We then made the very short drive to Sabino Canyon to start this camp off with a run over the telephone line trail - one of my favorite run routes ever. For the first time that I've ever experienced here, it was raining steadily. It was cool yet perfect running weather. The water was rushing through some of the usually dried out river beds and overflowing the lower road and trail that starts and finishes this great run and it was cold yet fun sloshing through the knee deep water. There something that takes you back to your youth about running with sneakers and clothes through water. This group didn't blink as we splashed through the first stream which sends a subtle signal my way that we have the right crew here. Molson sent over some elevation charts from the run which you can see on his AZ camp blog here: We climbed over 1000 feet in 2.5 miles!

The day was damp and cold, yet the rest of the week calls for sun and 70's so all is solid here. If anyone is interested in seeing what we are doing out here training wise, check out:

More tomorrow.



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