Monday, March 01, 2010

AZ day 2

ok, super short because it was a very busy day and I still have a bunch of schedules to write. But it was a great day! Sunny and 70 - hard to beat. started with a 90 min swim at an amazing outdoor pool with what appeared to be 80 lanes, sitting at the foothills of the mountains. Breakfast, then 4 hour ride out to Colossal Cave and then a few loops in Saguaro Park East, and I wore just bib shorts and a sleeveless jersey - nice! Followed up the ride with a short brick run. We just came back from dinner and Frost gelato, which we will hit every night this week. Tonight I went with 1/2 peanut butter crunch, 1/2 vanilla. The group did really well today. There's been no bitching at all. Everyone is fun - not a single person getting on my nerves!

For a more detailed version of today, check out Molson's blog post that includes description, pictures, elevation charts, ... He got the MVP last night and he still angling for more I think.

Tomorrows a big day, including a 12 mile climb up Kitt Peak.



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