Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tucson - Day 3

I always think that I'll get some solid sleep while at my camps given the fact that we are usually back in our rooms by 8:30pm, I don't have the kids who may wake me up, and we begin each day around 6:30am compared to 4:30am when I am home. It never happens though - the solid sleep that is. I've been up at 3:30am everyday thus far, and I usually adapt quickly to a time change so I don't think it's that.

Tuesday was a great "typical" day at camp keeping in mind that no camp day is typical compared to what we are used to back home. I thought I'd run through what takes place:

6am: Starbucks run (I get a grande quad americano)

6:30am: meet in hotel lot to drive over to Saguaro Park East for a 1 hr run

7-8am: run in the park which was amazing this morning once again. The run starts on a hilly road that has you feeling as though you are on a roller coaster. The sun was just popping up and the air temps were perfect for running in - in the upper 50's. The views in this desert park seem fake, given that everything looks perfect. The trail that cuts through the center of this park is one of my favorites. it's a constant gradual climb, something the campers are getting used to out here, and to me, it's just amazingly peaceful.

8:30am: breakfast at Jamba Juice and Brueggers (i prefer the peanut butter moo'd shake with a whey protein boost and a couple of bagels with nothing on them)

10:30am: meet to drive up to Oro Valley Pool.

11am: ride from the pool north up to Oracle. This again is a constant gradual uphill on the way to Oracle. It was bizarre in the sense that it felt like the crest of the hill was just ahead yet it never came?. The pace started very social and then some of the campers were feeling a bit jumpy and it started to get fun. The descent back was a blast yet there was also a strong headwind which meant that you couldn't just coast. The group was still hitting it hard and i have a feeling that they are going to be a bit beat today (Wednesday). I reiterate constantly that this is base training and stay aerobic the majority of the time since we are piling on some solid volume, but hosting camps for over ten years now has taught me that most athletes want to hammer without thinking to much about the next few days.

3-4pm: swim - We did mostly drill work and stroke and form evaluation.

5-6pm: Bill Daniels reviewed video of the campers swim strokes.

6:15pm: Dinner at El Charro. Gus out did himself this evening, putting on an eating clinic. They had negro modelo on tap which meant that I was happy. Dinner was followed by Frost gelato once again.

Solid day! Great day.



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Greg said...

The Camp sounds great, I wish I was there! Snowing again here in CT.