Thursday, September 23, 2010


This weekend, I will be honoring an annual that started in 97' with Farber. I was never a big traditionalist or one that was into annuals. These annual events with my friends growing up always revolved around golf trips and food and drink - maybe a bit of fun, but in reality, not productive or of any value. Why must an annual be productive and of value you ask? It doesn't need to be either honestly. Just personally, my views are that as we age, we need to evaluate where we are at and, ... ok, as I write this, I realize i could come off a bit douchey and preachy - that's not my intentions. I just feel that the annual golf trip or Vegas trip is so cliche and kind of corny. If you are going to do an annual (again, this is my opinion, and my blog) then do something out of the ordinary where you actually grow a bit in some way or form. Honestly though, the real reason for an annual is to get together with great friends, right?

Well, as I stated, I began this annual in 97', and it's been a great one. Every year, you reach a point where you are absolutely miserable during this, but the challenge, the memories and the camaraderie far outweigh these miserable spots in the long run. I have to admire Baker (don't let this go to your head you bastard!) - he knows he is going to suffer like a son of a bitch, yet he understands the value in this annual. He hasn't missed since 98' and as busy as we all are, Baker realizes the value and meaning behind this annual. It's not just my annual anymore but it's one for the core group who have done this with me the past decade, and Baker gets that.

Anyways, this year, we are all a bit off at the moment in regards to being prepared, but that's not the point and I'm positive we will take away some great memories and keep this annual alive for at least one more year.

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