Thursday, November 09, 2006

Spring is here!

I guess it's time to take the storms out and put the screens in. Seems like it was just last weekend that we took the screens off the windows and put the storms in. Wait, it was just last weekend!

Today, it was over 70 degrees in CT. The sun was out and it felt like spring. I wanted to get on my road bike and put in a nice, 3+ hour ride. Instead, I did a light run and then some strength training.

I'm at the tail end of a bad cold. I guess between the sinus trouble I had during Hawaii and the lack of sleep afterwards, my immune system was low. It seems as though this bug is going around. I know lots of sick people out there right now. I thought I'd share my immune system booster, cold remedy routine:

Emergen-C 6 packets per day
Cold Snap 2 supplements X 4 times per day
Kyolic garlic capsules 2 capsules, twice per day
Pearls Acidophilus 2 per day
herbal tea 4 cups per day
Nyquil at night to knock me out

I planned on taking 2 weeks fully off after Hawaii, and then doing some light training for 4 weeks of mountain biking, trail running, and strength training. This will have to start this weekend.

I'm already planning for 2007. I'm focusing on 1/2 IM races, with Timberman and Worlds being my two A races. I'm also really looking forward to this years camps. I've been planning the agendas and let's just say that attendees will be quite tired at the end of these. A good tired though.




JenC said...

I'm in for the Lake Placid camp. Just let me know when to sign up! Looking forward to it.

Hope you feel better soon.

alan said...


Do you feel kind of drained in the morning when you take NyQuil at night ? DayQuil works great for me but I can't take NyQuil....

Eric said...

A little bit of a hangover effect Alan, but the sound sleep is worth it.

Jen, the LP camp info will be going out within the next day or two!

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