Friday, November 17, 2006

Strange week it's been.

Things happen in threes.

I was out for a run Wednesday afternoon. It was a great day for running; high 60's here in Connecticut in November! I have this one hour course that I love to run. It starts out on the rail trail, then enters signle track trails, before hitting a rolling paved road, then turning at the half way point onto a dirt road, before finishing back on the rail trail.

I was 45 minutes in and running past our town dump entrance off the dirt road. At this exact moment, I had an urgency to pee. Guys have it quite easy in this situation, usually picking any tree. However, right inside the gates to the dump sat a port-o-potty. Since this was very convienient, I ducked in quickly. I was in there for 20 seconds at the most. While inside, I heard a car drive by. As I exited the out-house, the car was driving off, outside the gates which were now closed and locked with chains. It'd be easy to hop the fence if it weren't for the barbed wire. Barbed wire is a bitch, especially when trying to climb over it in running shorts and a singlet. I pulled a Schofield and busted out by climbing a tree and taking a leap of faith.

On Thursday, I head to the dentist to have two large side by side cavities plugged.

My dentist is a great guy who I've been going to since I was a kid. He gives me a shot of novacaine or some numbing agent directly into my gum. We chat for a bit and he asks me if my mouth is numb yet, but it's not. So he sticks another needle into my gum. He then begins drilling. The thing is, I can feel the drill grinding into my tooth. Being an idiot, I don't notify him. I'm thinking that he injected me with this numbing chemical twice already. A; the pain killer should kick in soon, and 2; I have a client meeting in an hour and I don't want to be late. He get's deeper into the tooth and now I'm squeezing the hand rails of the chair so hard that there are probably permanent finger marks from my hands. 45 minutes later, I leave the dental office and finally my mouth begins going numb!

To cap the week off, my big toenail that was bruised in Hawaii from the bro-hug fell off last night.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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