Monday, June 18, 2007

Packing for camp is a bitch!

My car is full! You'd think I was leaving town - for good. I have a dufflebag that has clothes for all occasions (I have witnessed every type of weather at these camps!). If I were checking this at an airport, I'd pay a shit load of overweight fees. I have enough hammer schwagg products to open up a retail nutrition store (thanks Steve Born from Hammer!). Tools - you never know who's bike is going to break - and trust me, someones will. Plus, it's not a camp if I don't get to use my pipe cutters. Wetsuit - I have to swim sooner than later and what better place than mirror lake?! Thanks Nineteen Wetsuits for the beeeautiful suit - I can't wait to try it out and hope it compensates for the non-swimming this year. Three huge Hammer coolers for keeping the campers hydrated. Extra tubes, pumps, co2's, ... My laptop (I will try to update pictures and blogs while there - promise!) Lot's o' shoes: running shoes - 3 pairs, cycling shoes - 3 pairs (it may rain!), casual shoes - 2 pairs. Finally, I have my two bikes. Be sure that tomorrow morning, I will be backing out of my garage very, very, very slowly!

I can't wait to get up to LP tomorrow! Even the drive up is very cool. I do it only once per year and once you get off the throughway, the next 30 minutes to LP is to cool. It's going to be a great week.



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