Sunday, October 05, 2008

Just another Sunday...

However, I switched up the routine today. Typically, I meet Kenny O. to run long on Sunday mornings. We (lisa, the kids, and I) were out until 1am last night which is definitely out of the norm for us. Ken bailed on the run, and when I awoke and saw rain, after 4 hours sleep, I decided to relax and hang with the family. Later this afternoon, we all got in a strength training session - yeah, Lisa, Ryan, Kate and I. For those looking for a bit of diversity and a great strength session, give this a shot (my afternoon training today):

3 sets of everything.

1. 25 v-ups, followed by 20 push-ups w/ feet elevated, followed by 40 reps on the Vasa Trainer with the elevation set at it's max.

2. 25 double crunches, followed by incline dumbell bench press (15 reps), followed by lat pull downs (15 reps)

3. 20 roll outs (abs with wheel) followed by shoulder presses (15 reps) and then side shoulder raises (15 reps)

4. planks (90 sec) followed by curls, followed by triceps cable press (15 reps for the curls and tris)

5. punch the heavy bag for a bit

6. I have a steep driveway. I did 10 bounding sprints up the driveway.

Patriots are winning, so all is good here today.

This week will be very busy. I am heading out to Kona on Wednesday and I'll be blogging daily from there. My message board has been absolutely dead lately. I am in the process of trying to reorganize it to make it less clicks and maybe more inviting. It is Hawaii week though and it's time to post your top five picks. I'll start a thread up so hopefully, some of you will chime in and help resurrect this board.

I've been listening to my music loaded on this computer as I type this and some great tunes have come up. Some are old, but worth relistening to. Download this:

Lucky Man, The Verve - another great song by a great band. This is an older cut but just solid.
Invisible Sun, The Police - The police - my all time favorite band. This is just a great track period.
Hip Hop Is Dead, Nas - I listen to everything. If this song doesnt get you moving, something is seriously wrong.




Belinda said...

1st. Schumacher
3rd. Hamilton
4th. Heras
5th. Beltran

Eric said...

wrong message board and wrong sport.