Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Traveling East

Endurance athletes don't really suffer from jet lag because they are constantly fatigued, so it doesn't make much of a difference!

I travel west easily - meaning I adapt to the time zone changes easily, however, traveling east hits me a bit harder. I can't sleep on a plane, which means that when I travel east, I basically loose a nights sleep. This tends to hit me two days later, meaning today.

I was with a pt appointment today and was doing everything I could to stay awake. Some personal trainer! I started by doing some rotation exercisers along with her, but I was still dosing off. I then resorted to self inflicted pain by ramming a weighted bar into my toes and by bitch slapping myself when she wasn't looking. I was then doing the head bobbing while driving home. So I chewed gum, rolled down the windows, cranked some tunes, ...

I did squeeze in an easy 1 hr run. Well, "easy" is relative. The pace was easy in that it was slow. However, the effort still didn't feel easy. The good news is that I felt better in the last 20 minutes. On a day like today though, with the trees bursting in colors, the sun out, and temperatures in the 70's, how could you have a bad run?

I think that the fatigue is more the fact that I loose some sleep on the travel west, stay very busy while away, then loose a full night on the return. It's more a cumulative thing.

By the way, I don't know if any of you had a chance to read my Hawaii course description on my home page but I highly recommended that you race this race in a well vented helmet rather than an aero one. Guess what the two winners wore?

Hawaii pictures are coming.



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