Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Still in a funk

That virus last week really kicked my ass. I went out yesterday to run an easy 1 hr and after 35 minutes, I called it quits. Today, I did nothing. In fact, I'll probably do nothing until Sunday. I feel drained. Just really fatigued. On my drive back from Greenwich, I do everything I can to stay awake including slapping myself in the face. It's a shitty feeling - to feel this fatigued four days out from a marathon. It is what it is though - no sense in worrying about yesterday let alone last week or last month.

Tomorrow afternoon, Big Rocks, Gus and I are heading into NYC to do the expo and pick up race packets. Should be fun.




Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

Hope you feel better, enjoy the next few days and have a good run in the city!

Ed S

alan said...


I have a feeling that when you get down there, everything will fall into place. You've got mad skills, and that overcomes a lot- you also have a great attitude, and that will carry you even if nothing else does- I know if there's anyone that can find a positive, it'll be you.

Eric said...

Thanks Guys! I appreciate the well wishes. Alan, go get em at IMF.