Tuesday, April 07, 2009

April EH Update

Spring is here! Well, is it? Seems we get here for a day in CT, and then winter returns for three more days. I can tell that the warmer weather is right around the corner. With this begins the race season, and the more intense training, prepping for key “A” races. Here’s what’s happening:

Group Training (For the locals)

Sunday Long Runs: Ken and I are still running long Sunday mornings, meeting at 7am at the trail parking area in Monroe on the corner of Cutlers Farms Road and Pepper Street. Anyone is welcome. There are lots of running route options including trails, hilly routes, flat routes, … So if you don’t want to run with us, but want to join us for coffee afterwards, you can do your own thing.

Wednesday Night TT Training Ride: I will be hosting a weekly Wednesday night ride geared towards improving time trial strength. We will ride out easily to a course or section of road where we will do some interval training and then ride back easily. If you are interested, please contact me. I plan on beginning these on Wednesday, April 22nd, meeting at the trail parking area in Monroe on the corner of Cutlers Farms Road and Pepper Street at 5:30pm. Bring running shoes and we will do an easy brick afterwards.

Rev 3 Tri Course Training Ride and Run: Saturday, April 25th. Contact me if you are interested and I will get you the time. We will meet at Lake Quassapaug.

Lake Placid Saturday Group Training Rides: I have quite a few of you training for IMLP and many of you would benefit by riding together every other Saturday for your long rides, beginning in May. If you are interested in this, again, contact me and Baker will set it up. Hear that Baker?

2009 CT and LP Camps

There is still room in both of these camps. If you really want to propel your fitness, sign up now! Just ask the Tucson campers what it did for them. One thing for sure, you will have a blast, train your ass off and laugh a lot – I promise. Go to www.hodskacamps.com for more information.


We will be updating the Hodska.com home page frequently now that the race season is here. We need race reports and anything else you’d like to contribute! People love to hear from others once in awhile, instead of me just running my mouth. Straz’s articles have been great. Greg Pelican’s tech pieces have been very educational. Maybe this year we’ll get some more words of wisdom from Big Rocks??? Also, if anyone has any ideas for the site, please let myself or Alan ( cyberpunk@mac.com ) know.



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