Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I admit that's forum can be a huge waste of time, however, every now and then, a discussion presents itself that reveals just how valuable an open forum could be if people used it constructively. In the below link, Dan Emphield poses a question to Dr. Tim Noakes about salt replacement during endurance racing. Dr. Noakes is the author of "Lore of Running" which is a brilliant book.;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread

Dave Bunce, the operations commander from ISM Saddles sent me two ISM Adamo saddles to try out and have my athletes try out. I have been riding the same saddles now for over five years, the Fizik Arione. I have them on all my bikes and they work for me. However, I told Dave I'd give the Adamo a try because I was curious and even though it's never really good to fix something that's not broken, it's always fun trying out new things. Mainly though, Dave is a great guy and I love his passion in the industry. So I have now done a few rides on the Adamo racing which I mounted on a TT bike, and I have to say that I'm really impressed thus far. Not only do I find it very comfortable, but I find I've gained some power! Now, I know you think I'm just blowing smoke pumping a product for a friend after that last comment. I mean, how do you gain more power with a different saddle? People will claim anything to sell a product, right? I want to preface right now that Dave never mentioned anything to me about increased power. Here's why I experienced more wattage: I typically ride on the front of the saddle when in an aggressive TT position. Many will say to move the saddle more underneath you instead of sliding to the front, citing that I'm not fitting myself correctly. However, I'm more comfortable and feel more powerful on the nose of the saddle. When you set up the ISM Adamo correctly, it feels as though you are always in this forward, powerful position. The sit bones rest on the two rails and there is really nothing underneath the rest of you - meaning no shifting anything to a side for the guys and no invading for the girls. Anyway, I want to do some longer rides on it before I'm totally sold, but if anyone local would like to try one out, contact me. I will also be bringing these to my camps for athletes to try. I will also be doing a more extensive write up about my experience with this saddle for the sight after getting in some more miles on it.

Mandy is putting on her Nutmeg State 10K and 1/2 marathon races this Sunday morning. Race one - they are on beautiful courses and are great training plus you are supporting a local great race and charity. If you can't race, she needs volunteers - badly! Give back, it's time.




Rob Straz said...

The adamo has made riding over 3 hours bearable for me.. I'm not sure I'd be doing anything over an olympic at this point if I hadn't found this saddle.

A bit strange at first but the last 4 years of riding has been a night / day difference.

Anonymous said...

Rob your a bit strange at first... and second... day or night makes know difference !