Friday, April 17, 2009

Is this what you've been waiting for?

It was 70 degrees F here in CT today, so for all those that were whining about our weather thus far, quit your bitching! Sorry to be harsh but it seems as though people are more concerned with the weather than the economy presently.

Personally, I have been going well. The last few weeks of training have been challenging, yet fun. I guess the fun is that I've been getting in some solid hours and intensity and it's going well. If it weren't, it wouldn't be much fun, right? I'm at the point were the recovery training is still a bit hard perceived effort wise because I'm beat up from the hard days, even though I'm keeping the heart rate down, yet I'm still moving at a decent clip on these recovery days.

The Hawaii lottery picks took place this week and I have three athletes that I'm working with that were chosen! Congratulations - the amount of triathletes that enter this lottery is staggering, so to get chosen is very exclusive. I also have some that have been playing this lottery for a few years now and have not been chosen. Don't worry, your time will come - and believe in yourselves at your qualifying races this year and make it happen.

Good luck to Jeff M., Pam, Jeff B., Mike, Scott, and anyone else racing Boston this Monday.

I'll try and be better about updating. I actually have a lot of thoughts to post. Just the classic "need more time" excuse is all I've got.



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alan said...

I got into and out of work early today so I could get out on the new bike for the second time in three days and get a longer ride in (90 minutes). It was definitely a chance to scratch an itch.

Congrats to everyone who got a spot this year !