Sunday, May 17, 2009

One m'fer of a ride!

Yesterdays route was one of the toughest ones I've had at any camp thus far. It was a five hour trek that included multiple tough climbs including Geer Mtn and Carter Hill. The first three hours went nnicely and the group rode well, especially considering what they had done the previous day. We stopped in Kent for some red-eyes and muffins and I sent half the group with Baker on a still challenging, yet easier and more direct route back to Lakeville. The other half came with me up Carter Hill. Carter Hill has three steep parts to it with gradients over 20%. What goes up must come down though and we had a ripper of a descent where I hit 54 mph. As tired as the group was getting, we still managed to motor past another group of cyclists at the four hour 40 minute mark of our ride.

The ride was followed by a one hour brick run, then more stretching and soaking the legs in the lake. Short post today - need to do a long run in a few minutes! More later.



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