Saturday, May 30, 2009

random jibberish once again

  • If you live in CT and didn't get a chance to get outside and ride, run, or do something this weekend, then that's a shame.
  • The past three Saturdays, I've been starting my rides at 5am due to busy family commitments taking place throughout the rest of the day. It's tough getting up early, even though I'm up at 4:30am mon through fri, but I am actually really enjoying these rides. They have been hard efforts, with a good portion of them at LT. But the roads are empty and the surroundings are peaceful. It's my time - my sanctuary, and I finish at 8am just when most are waking up.
  • Lisa and I had a fourteenth wedding anniversary last week. We went out to a great restaurant (Union League Cafe) in New Haven. Of all the anniversary cards out there, we both got each other the same exact one. During our conversations, her 40th birthday which is a few years away came up, and how I have to plan something way out there considering the trip she gave me. I mentioned how "it's going to be a great trip". She was very curious as to "where" I had planned, but it doesn't matter. I asked her to name one bad trip we've been on and she couldn't think of any. The bottom line is that when you find the right person, it doesn't matter where you go.

  • Back to the early morning ride - I'm at my daughters 8:30am soccer game and the parents sitting around us are bitching about the early 8:30am game. There something very empowering, and yet peaceful, knowing that you already got in a three hour ride before most were even awake. It just makes the rest of the day that much better, and as you sit there half dazed, listening to many complain about things, it makes the tedious task of viewing u6 soccer that much more tolerable.
  • My athletes are continuing to kick ass. Peggy C. won her age group at Ridgefield tri today and Matt C. and Matt W. came in 6th and 8th overall, respectively.
  • It's amazing just exactly how much the weather effects the moods of most.

  • This is definitely the worst allergy spring season to date!
  • After a very busy day, it's hard to beat sushi and a few glasses of good wine.



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MJ said...

Congrats on the anniversary.... and I completely agree about the early a.m. rides (and the U6 soccer!)