Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 EH Plunge Recap

Saturdays Plunge - you couldn't have asked for a better day in January here in CT. I was actually hoping for some single digit air temperatures. Temps that make you scared to expose any skin in fear that it may turn grey and crack and die and then turn black. OK, a bit dramatic since the plunge isn't held on Mt. Everest, but mid 40 degree air temps felt as though we were cheating. However, no matter how cold or warm the air temperature was, there was no denying just how cold the 35 degree water felt upon diving in. I gave a brief talk before we plunged and talked about how easy the plunge is, in that you run down, dive in, then run out. We did the plunge for a young man named Alex Convertito who was struck by a drunk driver in September and is currently undergoing the toughest battle of his life. He cannot run down the beach and dive in the water then run out. He's presently paralyzed from the waist down. Compared to what Alex is going through, The Plunge is a piece of cake. Through the generosity of friends of mine and strangers to Alex, we raised quite a bit and Alex's dad Mark said that they were going to use these funds to purchase a wheelchair for Alex. Thanks everyone for your support and generosity. Alan Neo Cyberpunk Starbuck Apollo Consuego Madonna McDougall raised over $600!!! Awesome Alan. I know I hit you guys up often for these charitable events and you all always come through. You have no idea how much I appreciate this support.

We stuck with tradition and headed out to The Bar in New Haven the night of The Plunge for some fun, pizza and beer. The Bar is a one stop shopping place; they have great brick oven pizza, microbrewed beer, big TV's w/ the playoff games on, pool, and even a night club in the back. The place was packed and there was a great turnout from The Plungers. A group of 15 from here in Monroe rented a driver and van to take us in in case it got a bit silly, in which it did. It was a late night and made Sundays training a bit more of a challenge but was well worth it. We need to do this more often!



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