Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Some 2010 And Cleanse Thoughts

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So we are off to another new year and with that , many of us feel a need to wipe the slate clean, dig up some motivation, set some new goals. I'll admit that I am one of those that likes to refocus during January and lay out a plan. The problem is that the average person usually is back on their "old" track by mid February. What do we do to not be average? Part of this is that we don't focus enough on the process and instead look more at what we "hope" the outcome will turn out to be. Another part is that we don't switch things up enough and stay with the new routine long enough to establish new habits. I hear a lot of people "hoping" they have a great new year. What about taking control and making it happen? I think that we make choices of hope more often than decisions. Choices of hope are obviously when you "choose" to do something and hope it turns out well. It's a lucky process. Where as decisions are about thinking it through and owning it. I know that some will think there is no difference but think about it a bit more. Now what are you going to do this year that separates it from all the other years in a positive way? Furthermore, what's the process going to be to assure this happens?

All my athletes and quite a few others are currently on my cleanse plan. I certainly am enjoying the detoxing after this past holiday season! In regards to The Cleanse, it's not nearly as bad as most make it out to be. We live in a society that doesn't know what it's like to feel the slightest bit of hunger. It's actually OK to be a bit hungry. No we're not starving and we don't need to stuff our pie hole the minute we feel the slightest hunger pain. If you are doing The Cleanse, hang in there, the results are well, well worth it - trust me!






Mike Russell said...

A good mental cleanse is also a good idea. I loved it when Costanza started doing the opposite of what he had always done just to see how it worked out. I have been trying to say yes when I would say no and no when I used to say yes. It has created some interesting results!

rUntoNamAste said...

Excellent and very motivating post! The slightest bit of doubt alone is quite possibly the biggest deterrent to accomplishing a goal. I have to constantly remind myself of this.

As for the cleanse, one word - AMAZING! Oh and another word - DOABLE! And this is coming from your average Joe who IS on her way to doing greater things :) Thanks Eric!

Eric said...

I don't know if using George as a role model for productivity is the right track. I guess if it doesnt pan out, you can pretend your an architect.

Thanks to both of you for the feedback and for reading!