Thursday, May 13, 2010

CT Camp - Day 1!

I'm back! Not just on my blog, but also back up in Lakeville at my CT Camp, and today was a kinda perfect training day I must say.

I don't need to reiterate how much I like it up here or how one day up here puts me in a good place. We met up here at 10am, ready to ride. It was sunny and in the high 60's and no wind. The ride was 4 hours including some controlled hill reps thrown in. Over 5000 feet of climbing on day one. We followed up the ride with a beautiful trail run that winds on single track over creeks, and up and down rolling hills, finishing along a hidden lake. OK, I got us a bit lost, but that just adds to teh adventure. We then did some running technique drills followed by assisted stretching and soaking our legs in the lake. Cap the day off with a great dinner and a few nice dark ales and all is well.

I'll talk more about the group as the camp goes on but one thing I stressed a bunch today was that we need to start training more with our race day efforts in mind. not only physically, but nutritionally. I've had the opportunity to train recently with quite a few triathletes training for ironmans and 70.3's and I'm amazed by the inconsistency in their training efforts and their ignorance towards fuel. To be more specific, a triathlon is about sustaining a steady effort. It doesn't mean that you ride easy until you get to a hill, hammer up the hill as hard as possible, then recover until you get to the next hill. It also doesn't mean riding three hours and drinking only one bottle of fluid and eating hardly anything. If you really want to screw up your race, keep doing this (if this type of training seems similar for some reason). But if you want to truly excel an tap into what you are capable of, lose the ego, and train like you plan on racing.

Big day tomorrow, so time for bed. I'll try to be a bit more animated tomorrow.



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