Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last Day of CT Camp:(

I'll be brief here this evening since I'm limited on time and have a bucket load of emails in my inbox to get to.

Jeff molson and I were chatting a bit after the long run today (more on this run in a bit) and he couldn't figure out why this camp wasn't filled up and with a waiting list. I told him it was due to two things: 1) Most have no idea how great the training venue is in upper Northwest CT. I often think back to Gus E.'s first time considering coming up to this camp. He said point blank to me "why should I attend a camp in Connecticut? Convince me to go." I convinced him and he's been back many times since. 2) the camp seems a bit expensive at first, but what most don't realize is how much you get and that it's a one time fee basically, unless you are Q ordering pricey bottles of wine at dinner. Jeff's words were "this is the best camp", and this is coming from a guy who has attended all my Tucson and LP camps and also my Palm springs camp. I happen to agree. the terrain is harder than all the other camps. The roads are in the best condition compared to all other camps. The pool is incredible. The food is incredible. Listen, I love my Tucson Camp and my LP Camp. they are both amazing places and we have managed to find the best of what these places have to offer as well. However, the CT Camp is still the top of the food chain.

Back to today: Today was long run day. We began from the Interlaken Inn and ran 2 miles to a trail that parallels rt. 41. We followed this trail north for a few miles until it popped out on rt. 44. From here, we ran pavement for maybe 1/2 mile until connecting with the Appalachian Trail. We then ran the Appalachian Trail to what Jeff dubbed "Eric's Lookout" which is an amazing lookout on the Appalachian Trail in the Berkshires. There is a ton of uphill to get there and everyone was quite quiet and plugging away. The lookout is well worth the climb. It was perfect weather and a beautiful run, mostly on trails. We then went down to the lake and soaked our tired legs for a bit before heading to breakfast and calling it a camp.

Thanks to all who participated. I had a blast working and training with all of you and hopefully, you had fun as well.

Oh, Morgan set the EH CT Camp TT record for the women. My post from Friday suggested she set the overall record and I don't want the guys laying into me.



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Greg said...

I have been lucky to be part of this camp three times including this year. I have ridden and raced all over the world and this area truly has some of the best and most challenging cycling! You really could be in rural Italy or France.

To me the ability to drive to a camp like this is huge! I'd rather just throw the gear in the car and drive a few hours. Much less stress, time and money than flying to a location. This is easy to get to from anywhere in New England of the greater NYC area, which makes it all the better.

Check it out!

Greg Pelican