Saturday, May 15, 2010

CT Camp - Day 3

Saturday at camp is always a big day. Typically, I like to work in a long hard bike followed by a solid run/brick. Today, I added in a swim first thing to make it a full tri day.

We went over to Hotchkiss pool at 7am to get in a solid session of shorter intervals, but decent yardage. I gave Morgan and Quentin a set of 5 100's and told them I wanted them all done in 1:10. they looked at me as though I had two heads and then proceeded to bang out five all in 1:06 to 1:07.

Breakfast and then onto the bikes. It was a beautiful day in northwest CT; sunny and in the low 70's. Lot's of wind but that just adds to the fun in my book. I took the group on a killer ride in both altitude gained and scenery. For those that know the area, we rolled down 112 to the junction of rt7 where we gave Dangle the nine finger salute, then headed up over Music mountain (first solid climb), then right onto rt 63 where you climb forever, albeit gradually, up to rt 4 in Goshen, back to cornwall, south on 7, then up Carter Hill which is the hardest climb in CT. Q reached the top and declared it was the hardest climb he's ever done including the long epic Spain climbs. Descend to Warmaug then climb Anderson Acres out of warmaug, descend Geer Mtn and stop in Kent for some gelato, ride north on 7 then west on rt 4 which is a 4 mile climb and back mudge pong/indian Mtn rd.

We split basically into two groups and my group was very compatible. Morgan, Q, and Kevin. Morgan will be the top amateur female at Lp, mark my words. I hope she doesn't read this so that she doesn't feel any added pressure but she is solid across the board.

We topped off the five hour ride with a 50 minute run with again, you guessed it, more hills. Hills make you strong. Repeat. Hills make you strong.

OK, boring post but it's late and honestly, it was such perfect weather and such a great training day that I really cant do it justice anyways.



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