Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy 40th Baker

I've known Baker since 1989, when we first met in college. I became a resident advisor for one of the dormitory floors and he was my co-RA. First time I met him, I told him to grab some shoes, we were going running, and took him up West Rock. He should have head for the hills then. He and I share an identical sense of humour which can drive some nuts, but we don't care - we can usually make some fun out of any situation. Be it a last minute road trip, a destination training ride, or one of my camps, it's always an adventure and a great time.

There are countless stories of how he got his nickname Baker. Most, including my kids, don't even know him as John Morris anymore. Lisa once called him John when he was here and Ryan and Kate both asked "who's John?". He's just Baker, like Cher, or McGuyver, or Mclovin.

We have done many road trips, beginning with college spring break, where we both decided the day before that we needed to do something, rented a car and drove down to Daytona Beach with no place to stay. We were so fired up that we made the drive from CT in under 17 hours, including the five loops we did around our dorm at 4:30am with the horn pinned as we departed.

Baker has accompanied me on just about every Vermont Ride. In fact, because of our friendship, he's been dragged out on many of my training adventures, even when it was the absolute last thing he was interested in doing. We shared an apartment out of college until I got married, and there were countless times when I'd get home and say "get changed, were heading out for a ride.". I brought him up to see me race IMLP back in 2000 and could tell that the event stirred up something in him. A few years later just after he came up to LP to train with me and spectate the event, I signed him up for it. He had never done a triathlon before but was dragged all over the place accompanying me on training adventures that I thought it was time for him to do one. In fact, IMLP was his first triathlon ever.

He's helped me out tremendously with my training camps and has become infamous at the CT one for his Saturday night video. Baker is a talented guy with a very artful eye. When most see us two together, they usually think were up to something. Well, I guess, most of the time, we are.

When Lisa and I were married, Baker was my best man. He's my son Ryan's godfather. Whether he likes it or not, he's family now.

So thanks for all the great times my man - I know there will be plenty more. Lisa will often ask the two of us when we are going to grow up, and based on this recent trip to LP, I can tell it's not going to be anytime soon.

Happy birthday Baker - have a great day!




mrpsam said...

Nice tribute. Happy Birthday, Baker! By the way, I didn't know he had another name!! LOL -- Mary

Amanda C said...

Happy Bday, Baker! I still think y'all are lying about being in your 40's!!

Anonymous said...

I heard Baker was Scores man.. he's about getting drunk, he's about meeting girls, he's about meeting guys and anyone who doesn't like it can go F themselves.. he's Scores man. Happy birthday Scores man! Straz

Eric said...

Baker is Scores man, he is. Done deal pal.

Anonymous said...


In your post you didn't exactly spell out that you signed him up for IMLP without his knowledge or permission!

I only hung out with you and baker twice and both times were laugh-fests.

What I love is that I always thought baker was his last name.