Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy 4th

Our US Olympic trials selection is lame. I realize the importance of being able to step up on a specific day. Tyson Gay had an unbelievable cramp in the 200 quarter final - a cramp so bad that it caused him to take a dive to the track. He won the 100 and 200 in the world championships recently, and has been pretty much unbeatable in the 200 and he won't be representing us in the Olympics?!

However, Dara Torres will! As a 41 year old, how cool is that!

I don't know if we have the triathlon team to medal at the Olympics. All three are outstanding athletes who are capable of medaling, but it appears that many other countries are selecting their team as just that - a team. They have two athletes that are there to sacrifice themselves to set up their fastest runner. We have three guys that I'm sure all want the glory.

It's been a fun long weekend thus far. No traveling for us which is definitely cool. I took the family to the track yesterday morning. I had planned to do 12 X 400's although I awoke feeling wiped out. I had a great week of training but on Wednesday, I did something that I'd never have one of the athletes I coach do. I was feeling tired Wednesday, yet had two hard sessions on the agenda. I know very well that you can feel good through these two sessions but if you are fatigued, it'll bite you in the ass a day or two later. Well, I had great sessions Wednesday, and bailed on my track session half way through due to fatigue and feeling like shit. I feel much better today though, so it was smart not to force it yesterday. Plus, the kids had fun doing the long jump.



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