Monday, July 21, 2008

LP quick update

I know, I know - I was supposed to blog while in LP. Unfortunately I had no patience for the hotels wireless service and I had no time to go elsewhere. I plan on doing a writeup this week about the trip. It was a memorable one, to say the least! One thing that's a given when Baker and I do trip, it's always memorable.

II wanted to post something quickly though to pay accolades to all my athletes that raced this past weekend. It was a great weekend for all. At LP, everyone not only finished under some interesting conditions, but most pr'd. Congratulations to Alan and Margit for another IM well done. It's hard enough to have one person in a family racing an IM. Think about it with two. Mike Biehl and Dan Mastella both did their first IM and both were under 12 hrs! Jeff Molson finished yet another IM. To make it that much more of a challenge, he thought he'd go through a major low back surgery last November - just to add a bit to the challenge. Don Henry finished another and did a pr as well, finishing under 12 hours. And then there's Megan Searfoss. Megan had an amazing race, capping it with a 3:46 marathon. She's not only going to Hawaii, she qualified for the Boston marathon! Many of angela's crew raced well out there also. It was great seeing the Cleveland contingent.

On the other coast, Margaret Coffey pr'd at the Vineman 70.3 and qualified for the world championships in Clearwater, Fl.

In the heat and humidity of NY, Greg Pelican and Kenn Vohls raced hard and well. Greg finished second in his age group even after swimming with a wetsuit not zipped up due to a broken zipper. I also saw plenty of Greg's crew from Bethel Cyle's multisport club performing well at LP.

OK, I'll put another more descriptive update on the LP trip this week.



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Greg did LP not listed in results?